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Welcome to Computational Materials and Nanoscale Transport Groups! Our researches focus on the spin transport properties under the nano-scale devices, including the spin selective effect in magnetic tunnel junctions, spin transport properties in novel organic tunnel junctions, spin torque effect in magnetic memory, and magnetotransport properties in all-oxide heterostructures. The methods in our researches include the first-principles calculation, non-equilibrium Green’s function method (NEGF), tight-binding model, and so on. In addition to use the existing softwares for simulating, we also develop new calculation algorithms to investage the spin torque effect within the framework of first-principles density functional theory (DFT) calculation (see more at JunPy page).


Yu-Hui Tang

Bao-Huei Huang

Icuk Setiyawati

Shih-Chuan Lien

Hsin-Mei Ho


Latest in Research

Dual Control of Giant Field-like Spin Torque in Spin Filter Tunnel Junctions

We predict a giant field-like spin torque, T⊥, in spin-filter (SF) barrier tunnel junctions in sharp contrast to existing junctions based on nonmagnetic passive barriers. We demonstrate that T⊥ has linear bias behavior, is independent of the SF thickness, and has odd parity with respect to the SF’s exchange splitting. Thus, it can be selectively controlled via external bias or external magnetic field which gives rise to sign reversal of T⊥ via magnetic field switching. (more…)

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Spin Transfer Properties of Amine-Ended Single-Molecule Magnetic Junction

We proposed the superior spin injection in amine-ended single-molecule magnetic junction (SMMJ) under stretching process, resulting from the strong hard-hard spinterfacial coupling between Co nanowire and amine linker. Furthermore, we predict anomalous magnetoresistance (MR) effect, including strain-induced sign reversal and bias-induced enhancement of MR value in amine-ended SMMJ with Co tip-like nanowire, which is in sharp contrast to normal MR effect in conventional magnetic tunnel junctions. (more…)

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Manipulation of Giant Field-Like Spin Torque in Amine-Ended Single-Molecule Magnetic Junctions

We propose a comprehensive theoretical investigation for the angular, external bias and mechanical strain dependence of the giant field-like spin torque (FLST) effect for amine-ended Co/BDA/Co single-molecule magnetic junctions in the non-collinear magnetic configuration, by employing our newly developed nonequilibrium Green’s function method within the framework of density functional theory. (more…)

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